What to avoid when moving

Crossland Vanlines & Storage gives indispensable advice about moving.

Hint #1 - Not leaving enough time to hire a mover.

Failing to schedule your move in advance is a common mistake made by people who think they can do some last minute bargain shopping. Many think that if they leave it until the last minute they may find someone who is going to give them a better rate, but the reality is all the good companies will be booked and what you will be left with is a company who maybe does not have the manpower, the experience or the correct truck to perform the move. It is always a good idea to contact a moving company well in advance and start shopping around for quotes.

Hint #2 - Packing up too much stuff

Many people move around over the years and seem to move from house to house the same belongings that they no longer use or even want yet somehow they seem to move everywhere with them. When you are moving it is always a good time to clear out as much of clutter and belongings that you no longer need. That way when you arrive you are making a fresh start.

Hint # 3 - Choosing the cheapest mover

Many of us are guilty of going to the product or service that offer the cheapest price. 
When moving it is always better to do your research and find an honest company that gives you an industry standard quote. The lowest price will definitely not be the best service. Many people underbid in order to get the job and the reality is that they are hard pushed to find the resources to complete the job or that they have to cut corners in order to get the job done. The result is a compromise on the quality of service to say the least and a guaranteed stressful time for the family being moved.

Hint # 4 - Not getting an estimate in writing 

This is a huge mistake. To not get an estimate in writing is a bit like saying 'take all my furniture and hold it to ransom.' You are opening yourself up to a lot of problems as  the moving company will be able to take your furniture and hold it until you pay the amount that they want. If everything is in writing then everybody is legally bound to stay within the term of the legal contract. You have rights as a mover and the moving company has to observe them. You must read all the terms and conditions and realize that any additional items that are not included on the itemized inventory and will require an additional charge. Also when your movers arrive at your home you will be required to pay them and it will most likely be cash or a certified check. Be aware of all these factors.

Hint # 5 - Turning down additional coverage

To turn down additional coverage may result in having to replace expensive items. A normal homeowners policy does not offer coverage for items damaged during a move, therefore it may be worthwhile to read and see the additional coverage that is being offered and see if it is worthwhile paying the additional monies to have your items insured.

Hint # 6 - Not understanding the cost involved in moving 

Not understanding the cost involved in moving and the amount needed to pay for moving services can be costly and stressful. All moving is relatively expensive and is an extra burden on moving finances but hiring movers is a necessary step in the right direction in terms of making a smooth move to your new location. A deposit is almost always needed whether it may be a small move over to a neighbouring town or a move across state or out of state.