Track your move with GPS tracking

Know where your home contents are at all times

At Crossland Vanlines & Storage we employ GPS tracking in order to make sure that your belongings are on their way to their intended destination.

With GPS racking you are able to get a real time location that shows you exactly where belongings are on the map, giving you an exact precise location and letting you know that your goods are safe and sound. We also give you the cellphone so that you can keep in touch with the driver of the vehicle.

Sometimes if the drivers are lost you will be able to point them in the directio, if they are headed down the wrong street or going in the wrong direction.

When you move with Crossland Vanlines we set all this up for you so that there is peace of mind from the very beginning. At Crossland Vanlines we want you to know where your property is at every step of the way and a phone call to us is the easy way to keep in touch. We will always tell you where we are and how long we think it will be for your delivery and you confirm this with the GPS.